The Tactical Gamer™ consist of a group of people that all love the same thing to save money! There are four of us and together we form what you know and love The Tactical Gamer™ below you can learn a little about each one of us! 

Adam- I am the Head Researcher on The Tactical Gamer Team. Born and raised in Charleston SC, I graduated college with a business degree from Clemson University. As a college student I ended up playing lots of video games and had to buy much equipment but it was to much money. Thats when The Tactical Gamer™ was born a place to get High quality not as expensive Gaming Gear. 


Carlos- Hey I'm Jessica, I am the Lead Marketer forThe Tactical Gamer Team. I went to Clemson University where I graduated with a marketing degree and met some of my best-friends there, GO TIGERS!!! I market on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Tik tok, Instagram, Etc.


Samual- Hello, I am the in charge of Customer Service. If you need to contact the company at all most likely I will be answering, this could be for affiliate programs, questions about your order, refunds, lastly partnerships. I graduated from University of South Carolina with a communication degree and put it to use everyday! Fun fact I love avocado toast, can never have to much.


Chase- I am the Purchasing Officer for The Tactical Gamer™. I deal with all the orders that go through the company. I graduated with a business administration degree from University of South Carolina. If you want to make my job harder order as much as you can gives me something to do!